Our Professionalism

At McArthur & Co, we pledge to act in utmost good faith in serving the best interests of our financial planning clients.  We embrace a fiduciary duty of care for all our financial planning clients as the standard of our work.  We commit to the CFP® Board Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility that guides our activities and defines our responsibilities:








As part of our ethical commitment to our clients, we fully disclose the fee, commissions, or both that we may receive during the course of our work.  The fee and the scope of our work are outlined in our Advisory Services Contract before we engage in financial planning; a commission is disclosed prior to any product transaction.  Our clients understand how, when, and how much we may earn before entering into a professional relationship with us.  Transparency of compensation is a measure by which they can judge the value of our services.  It’s good for our clients; it’s good for our business; and it’s good for our industry. Our clients, and you, should never expect less.