Bill McArthur CFP, CLU, ChFC

Bill McArthur is a graduate of Duke University with a B.A. degree in political science and economics.  He has been an advisor in the financial services industry since 1981.  Bill founded McArthur & Co Financial Services in 1986.  In his role as Trusted Advisor, he has adopted and adapted the most effective training in consultative leadership into a unique and exciting client-centered system of comprehensive financial services.  The result is a trademarked process that educates, guides, and motivates his clients in all their financial affairs so that they may lead lives of success, and leave legacies of significance.

Away from the office, you may run into Bill supporting the arts, people with disabilities, the New Mexico environment, and higher education.  You may converse with him at the Santa Fe Opera, at a local college fair, at the Santa Fe Folk Art Festival, or high atop a peak in the Pecos Wilderness.  Of course, he will always chat with you--and listen to you—about politics and the economy.  Bill wants to learn and grow from your knowledge, your purpose, and your passions.