Jennifer Martinez

Director of Client Experience

Jennifer Martinez is a graduate of the University of California Berkeley with a B.A. degree in linguistics, and the University of New Mexico with an M.A. in cultural anthropology.  Jennifer has served as office administrator since the inception of McArthur & Co.  Nowadays, in her role as Director of Client Experience, she oversees the breadth and depth of professional contact and communication between Bill and his clients.  She helps ensure that every client is benefiting and growing throughout their relationship with McArthur & Co.  She brings to her work an understanding of people that builds a special bond of trust and mutual respect.

Away from the office, Jennifer is a lover of the arts, of culture and history, and of travel.  You may find her at a concert of classical music, at a feast day at a local Native American Pueblo, at the Smithsonian, or at a beach on the Pacific Ocean.  She can talk all day about her culinary passions and favorite restaurants.  If you are lucky, you may sample some of Jennifer’s famous fudge during the holidays.